Photosession that I decided to to after the contest. Place: Gardens in Wilanow Palace, Warsaw, Poland.

This outfit has been made especially for the contest organized by The Wilanow Palace Museum in Warsaw (Poland).
First edition of contest “Wilanow for young talents” took place last year and was devided in two categories: recontruction and inspiration.

This robe a la francaise has won 1st prize in reconstruction category.

After the contest, it was presented on the exhibition “The rococo fashion’s charm”.

Outfit consists of many pieces.

- Robe a la francaise made of cream taffeta and light pink shantung, decorated with three types of lace.
- Stomacher to be pinned to the stays, made of same taffeta and shantung, decorated with exquisite lace.
- Skirt, made of the same fabrics as above.
- Stays, made of cotton, with handmade corset eyelets
- Pocket hoops, made of cotton.
- Chemise made of soft cotton batist, decorated with lace.
- Petitcoat made of the same fabric as chemise.
- Neck decoration made of light pink shantung, decorated with lace.
- Three sets of hairpins in flower shape made of light pink shantung.

Dress is made by hand, I have focused on sewing as historically accurate as possible.
This aspect was one of the main ones that brought me 1st place in the contest.
Other than this, high quality of fabrics, pattern accuracy (for example - fabric of the dress devided into around 50cm gores), difficulty of work.

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